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INTERVIEW: DJ Rupp talks about his career and new clip

Dillon Rupp, better known as DJ Rupp, is only 19 years old and began to become famous when the application “Vine”, where he recorded videos of few seconds with his friends, viralized. He showing some songs to his fans and they were all crazy! Nowadays, Rupp sings and also produces his own songs. WE LOVED IT!

Recently, he released the clip of his newest single “Sing For Ya” and we literally went crazy! The clip counts with DeCarlo’s partnership and the lyrics are stuck in the head and it’s impossible not to sing along!

After many fans asked, finally our interview with DJ Rupp left!

SMBR: When you were in Brazil in May, what did you like best in the country?

Dillon: The fans hands down! Whether at the meet and greet or while I’m performing, they always have a great energy and good vibes. It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, I just get an adrenaline rush seeing people sing along and dancing to my music.

SMBR: Do you have any plans of coming back to Brazil soon?

Dillon: Right now im focused on the music. Not worried about touring, but if any good opportunities come… who knows…

SMBR: You are releasing a new ep, EDM album, what can the fans expect from your new work?

Dillon: Expect the unexpected. I always like to try out new things with the beats and music that I make, I’m sure that my fans will appreciate it.

SMBR: Do you have a release date for your future projects?

Dillon: It’s still early to say.. but I will be releasing more info about my upcoming projects so stay tuned.

SMBR: When did you realize you wanted to peruse the career of DJ?

Dillon: I was always inspired by music since i was a young kid. When was a junior in high school, I started experimenting with different music programs and production in my grandfather’s basement. I started freestyling for my friends and they all noticed my potential. so I worked hard on developing my craft… from freestyling and rapping to now creating and producing my own music.

SMBR: In your free time, what artists and songs do you usually listen to?

Dillon: I like to listen to Mac Miller, Diplo, Skrillex, Tiesto

SMBR: Some months ago you told your followers you were becoming vegan. How has your journey been like? where there any difficulties?

Dillon: It has been great. Truly the best decision I have made. I was difficult to adjust to in the beginning, but now its part of my lifestyle and I couldn’t be any happier #TeamVegan

SMBR: And of course one of the questions asked by our followers were if you would date a fan?

Dillon: I mean if we like each other and the chemistry is there, sure why not! but I know one thing for sure, is that anyone I end up dating has got to be a fan of my music and loves and supports me in what I do!

SMBR: A question asked by one of our viewers we thought was pretty interesting was if you think young Dillon are proud of Deejay Rupp?

Dillon: I would say I am. I think that with every day that goes by, we should always try to better and improve ourselves and that is what I’m trying to do with my music. Im definitely not done improving,but I would say that my younger self would be very proud of where I am today, and where the future will take me.

After this interview we can only say one thing … How not to love Dillon Rupp?! In addition to being super talented, he is still super cute and cute! For those who liked and want to follow him, do not forget to follow his Instagram, Twitter and of course, subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

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